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Salamander Productions


Salamander Collective is inviting 12 musicians to come together in a uniquely curated recording and song writing experience. 

All accepted applicants will be invited to jam with us at Unison Fest and get the creativity flowing ~ 

As a participant of our Recording Retreat you will receive supportive guidance and workshops by our talented crew of Musicians and Producers.

Apply here to find out more!

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Salamander Jam Stage

The Salamander Jam stage serves as a live music haven where collaboration is inspired and present moment awareness is cultivated. Providing a space for musicians and listeners to express themselves and connect with one another, the stage fosters an open container where music can transcend past the polarity of 'good' and 'bad' and touch into truth. 

The Jam Stage is expansive and multi faceted, able to morph to suit the setting or intention. Whether calling in quiet ceremony or a rock n roll extravaganza, the Salamander Jam Stage is here to serve the moment. 

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Salamander Fest

A Celebration of Divine Flow. Amazing music, incredible collaborations, and tasty jams every night. Salamander Fest is going on its 5th year as a music and arts festival based just outside of Durango, CO.

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